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Furnace & Duct Cleaning – Residential, Commercial, & Industrial

Watkins Furnace Cleaning works on furnaces in homes, ventilation in office buildings, and oilfields. Furnace and air duct cleaning can keep your environment free of most dust and dirt, eliminating allergies, headaches, and other health issues. Energy efficiency also increases when air ducts and other heating and cooling systems are cleaned. Along with cleaning, we can make sure your systems are fully functional and without damage. A cracked heat exchange unit can lead to the release of CO2 into your home or building. To prevent any hazardous problems, Watkins recommends regular cleanings and maintenance.

Our main services include, but are not limited to:

  • Furnace & ductwork
  • Water heaters & humidifiers
  • Dryer vents
  • Fireplaces & wood stoves
  • Chimney & rooftop unit cleaning
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Central vac cleaning
  • Oilfields

Prevent Fires

Along with furnace and air duct cleaning, Watkins provides dryer vent cleaning services. Dryer vents are one of the leading causes of household fires. Dust and lint can build up in your dryer vents, creating potential fire hazardous material that can easily ignite. Have your dryer vents cleaned today. Request a quote and schedule an appointment with Watkins Furnace Cleaning.

Does Your Furnace Need Cleaning?

Take our quick test to see if your furnace or air ducts need cleaning. For more information on the benefits of furnace and air duct cleaning, watch our video.

Improve your air quality - Schedule a cleaning
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